Slot Game


Slot Game

You can be the winner of the next jackpot!


Paradise casino offers a wide variety of game machines.

You can play any of your favorite machines.

  • Players insert bills or tickets into machines.
  • The player rotates the reels by pulling a lever or a button after inserting money.
  • After the rotation stops, players can earn prize money on the combinations.
  • The game is to win the largest amount of prize money (Jackpot) on the payout table.

Slot Machine or Reel Machine

Slot machine is the most widely known game machine.
The player rotates three or five reels at the center of the machines in an attempt to match combinations.

Slot Machine

Video Machine

Players enjoy games with LCD display screens or monitors placed on the center of machines.

Video Game

Hybrid Machine

Hybrid games are a combination of reel and video games. The machine is operated as a reel gaming type, but the bonus game is offered with a video gaming style.

Paradise Mystery Jackpot Machine

The reel or video game machines equipped with mystery jackpot systems are called mystery jackpot machines. It accrues a certain amount of money customers play with and generates a random Jackpot within the range between the preset minimum and maximum amount.
Mystery jackpots are divided between the VIP Zone and the Main Zone and GOLD & SILVER Zone like below and levels and ranges can be different by the zone.

Paradise Mystery Jackpot Machine (VIP & GENERAL ZONE)
MEGA 100,000,000 ~ 150,000,000 GRAND 5,000,000 ~ 10,000,000
GRAND 15,000,000 ~ 30,000,000 MAJOR 500,000 ~ 1,000,000
MAJOR 1,000,000 ~ 2,000,000 MINOR 150,000 ~ 300,000
MINOR 250,000 ~ 500,000 MINI 50,000 ~ 100,000
Paradise Mystery Jackpot Machine(GOLD & SILVER ZONE)
GOLD 2,500,000 ~ 5,000,000
SILVER 25,000 ~ 50,000
Jackpot Machine Jackpot Machine

Progressive Machine

Game machines equipped with progressive systems are progressive machines. They are categorized into Link Progressive by which multiple machines are linked to each other and Stand Alone Progressive by which individual bets accumulate. A specified portion of bets are accumulated in the progressive system. Progressive jackpots occur at random or when the winning combination includes the progressive symbol.

Progressive Machine
  1. Players insert bills or tickets into a reel game machine.
    Foreign currencies must be exchanged for bills or tickets at the cashier’s booth.

  2. The player determines the betting line and the bet amount with a button on the machine after inserting bills or tickets. Press the Start button to play.

    Betting Game Slort
  3. Payouts will be made on the winning symbols.
    The player may choose to play optional games (bonus games, etc.) offered by the machine.

  4. Th player presses CASH OUT or COLLECT to stop gaming and retrieve all the credits.

    Pay Out
  5. Payouts are made in coins from the machine, but large wins or jackpots are paid to player in cash directly by the staff.

    Press the Call button on the machine to request assistance from the floor staff when gaming.
    Service Button
Reel Machine
Reel Machine
Reel Machine step1 1 Slide in the bill or the ticket into the slot machine.
Reel Machine step2 2 Select the amount to bet by using the Bet button.
Reel Machine step3 3 Start the game by pressing the Start button.
Reel Machine step4 4 When the reel stops turning, prize money is generated based on the combination of the symbols.
Video Machine
Video Machine
Video Machine step1 1 Slide in the bill or the ticket.
Video Machine step2 2 Select the amount and the line to bet by using the Bet or Bet Line button.
Video Machine step3 3 Start the game by pressing the Start button.
Video Machine step4 4 The game is over when the reel stops turning.
Video Machine step5 5 After the game is over, prize money is generated based on the combination of the symbols left on the monitor.

TITO SystemTicket In Ticket Out

  • Using the barcode ticket system, you can enjoy games by inserting and outputting a bar code ticket into and from a slot machine. It reduces cash note insertion time and makes it easy to move to other seats or finish the game. The issued ticket can be exchanged for cash at the ticket booth or at the redemption machine.
  • You can earn miles on your mileage card by playing games and enjoy various benefits.
  • The TITO system is available for all game machines in the casino.
TITO System<span>Ticket In Ticket Out</span>